How Prospective it is to Obtain Higher Education from Canadian Colleges and Universities?

The majority of students in today’s world prefer to complete higher studies in foreign lands. Usually, there are two reasons for it. Firstly, it helps an individual to make his/her CV look good and impressive with an experience of studying abroad, and secondly, employers love to learn that one has invested a lot of time and money to know about diverse cultures by immersion. So, if you are making plans for higher studies, why don’t you consider travelling to Canada for higher education?

The Canadian population – a brief overview

Canada at presents holds 33 million people out of which 44% stands below the age of 35. Out of this population below 35, about 31%, (that is 4.2 million) stand in the age range of 15 to 24. Over two-thirds out of these are now studying in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Higher education in Canada Well, there must be valid reasons why students in huge number flock to the Canadian schools and colleges for higher studies. Here are some of them:
  • In Canada, there are 95 public universities, private non-profit universities and also university-degree level colleges.
  • There are 80 community colleges located through the entire nation
  • As far as the Canadian living costs and tuition fees are concerned, they are quite reasonable in comparison to those in countries like United States and Australia.
  • The inflation rates in Canada are also considered to be the lowest among all other industrialised nations.

Post-Secondary Enrolment scenario in Canada

As per reports, it was the year 2008/09 when the enrolment figures in the Canadian universities were recorded to be around 1.2 million. In the colleges, it was near about 605,300. In the year 2016, the Canadian colleges and universities recorded near about 104,777 international students. This showed a rise of 6 per cent in comparison to the total number of international students in Canada during the year 2015.

Fields of study in high demand at Colleges and Universities in Canada

Students studying in the Canadian colleges and universities choose their career options out of a wide range of programs. So, here are the following programs that are most sought after at the colleges and universities in Canada:
  • Public Administration and Business Management
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Social and Behavioural sciences
  • Health, Recreation and Fitness
  • Engineering, Architecture and related technologies
  • Physical and Life Science
  • Computer and Mathematics
  • Information Sciences
  • Natural Resources, Agriculture and Conservation

How recognised is Canadian education? Is it prospective for one’s future?

According to reports published by IIE’s Open Doors 2017, Canada is known to be the 4th largest source nation for international students moving to the United States. Among the top 10 international students studying in the UK universities, there are Canadians who are pursuing higher education. Moreover, the increasing number of schools, colleges and universities in Canada are strongly aiming to take the country’s education system to the top.